August 25, 2006

Worth your while

If you can tear yourself away from your Ipod or from the usual stuff on FM radio or even your favorite CDs, try listening to AM radio (yup, you heard that right—AM radio) from Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 to about 9:20 in the morning, over 594.  Its DZBB, the radio station of GMA Network and the show is “Dobol A sa Dobol B” with Arnold Clavio and Ali Sotto (hence the Dobol A) as hosts.

For about 20 to 30 minutes at the start of the show, the two (with the assistance of their accomplices Orly Trinidad and their keyboardist Anton) come up with a musical satire on just about anything under the sun—in Filipino rhyme and with great vocal harmony at that.  It is not only great to listen to, it is absolutely hilarious as they poke fun at just about anything and just about anyone.  It is what they call the Jeng Jeng portion, which refers to the background lyrics that Ali sings.  It is hard to describe, it has to be heard to be believed.  A new portion that has been introduced is the tigidong portion which is, again, hilarious because Ali Sotto makes use of her considerable musical talents to sing a satire with old-style Filipino music accompaniment.

Arnold and Ali and Orly are talented librettists and quite good singers;  of course, a younger Ali Sotto used to be known as Aloha but Arnold and Orly are the revelations here—they not only carry a tune well but they have fantastic comic timing which very frequently leaves Ali in stitches with that very distinctive laugh of hers.

There’s a lot of garbage over the airwaves, over both AM and FM;  I have been a listener of AM radio for close to ten years but have yet to encounter anything like this.  For those with biases against AM radio, cast these off and listen to 594 DZBB from 9-930, believe me, it is worth your while.


incarnadine29 said...

Hi Sir!
I just heard this radio show while riding a cab to Philcoa. I found it very amusing and entertaining, and I think Ali Sotto deserves some kind of an award for the Jeng Jeng segment. :) -Malou

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone noticed. Yup, they sing about the issue of the day and comment on it intelligently, too, which is more than you could ask considering current daily news fare. Kudos to Arnold and Ali. I hear the joke in GMA 7 is that Arnold who goes on from early morning all the way to Saksi late at night hardly gets home anymore and lets his alter ego Arn-arn do his family duties instead. That kind of dedication has to be rewarded and this makes him not just a talking head but a singing one!! Honestly, may sinabi naman talaga ang Rotary Broadcast Journalist of the Year na ito, I just wish he would not be an endorser pala malinis talaga. Endorsing is something journalists in other countries won't think of doing.