May 05, 2009

Here's a question or two for Manny Pacquiao

Do you really believe you can do something for your country as a politician? Whether it is in Congress, the Senate, or even as Mayor?

Let's get real. Congressman or Mayor Pacquiao? Remember Ramon Revilla Sr.? Remember Lito Lapid?

I believe that Manny can best serve this nation that is starved for heroes by doing what he does best. He is a boxer, the best there is right now, probably among the best there ever will be. And he became a great boxer by being disciplined, learning new things, and focusing himself on training, and getting better.

This is where Manny Pacquiao can become great, after he hangs up his gloves: VOLUNTEER his services to become the national trainer for the RP Boxing Team. God knows he does not need any more money. Probably he can also volunteer the services of Freddie Roach, who knows a thing or two about getting undisciplined boxers in line--look at Manny himself and marvel at how Roach was able to transform him into the disciplined fighting machine that he is now.

I have never quite gotten myself to referring to him as Pambansang Kamao simply because Manny boxes for purses, first and foremost, not for the flag. That is his job: to train, to box and to earn while boxing. And that is why I disagreed with the decision to let him carry the flag during the last Olympics. I've always believed that the title Pambansang Kamao should belong to someone who boxes for the flag, not for purses--those amateur boxers who are unknown, unidentified, unidentifiable who, day in and day out, train and box under conditions that are not as posh as Manny's training facilities and who do not have a Freddie Roach in their corner, and who, nonetheless, soldier on--not for purses but for flag and country,

But that situation might change when Manny retires and decides to give his services to the RP National Boxing Team as trainer and, yes, inspirer-in-chief, I would be the first to call him Pambansang Kamao in public.

So Manny, here's a question for you: do you really think you could do more good for your country as a politico or as a boxer, a coach and inspirer-in-chief?

NB. And to those leeches who hang on to Pacquiao because their political survival depends on his popularity (you know who you are; more importantly, we know who you are), may you go the way of leeches who have nothing left to suck; and good riddance, definitely.