September 19, 2006


On the 1st year anniversary of the passing of Haydee B. Yorac (former Chair of the PCGG), the current Chair of the PCGG Camilo Sabio was arrested by the Senate for refusing to appear before one of its committees and testifying on anomalous transactions involving a sequestered company.    After he was arrested, all the rest of the Commissioners went into hiding (!);  not too different from felons fleeing the scene of a crime.

It is farcical that the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) would be the entity to hide behind immunity and refuse to be transparent.  

Haydee’s eyebrow is probably raised to stratospheric heights right now.

With incidents like these, it almost makes you want to do a Jim  Paredes and take a leave from being a filipino—but wait, isn’t Jim Paredes back in the Philippines doing that rip-off show on ABS-CBN?  

Now, I’m really confused.