April 22, 2005

SW3: Be very afraid of George Lucas

Read somewhere that SW3:ROTS (that's Starwars 3:Revenge of the Sith, in shorthand) has been pitched by George Lucas as an intergalactic "Titanic."

I am afraid, I am very afraid.

Of all the films Lucas could have alluded to, it would have to be "Titanic." Just when I had gotten over the monumental stupidity that was SW2:Send in the Clowns ("Anakin, how you've grown"-retch, barf, vomit), Lucas had to go and compare ROTS to "Titanic."

Screen writing is not Lucas's strong point--SW2:Send in the Clowns is a sterling example, SW1 is a close second (compare both to SW5:The Empire Strikes Back NOT written by Lucas and you will see the difference palpably). So when Lucas brags that ROTS is going to be another Titanic, I am afraid that the insipid love angle in that monumental waste of time and money passing itself off as a film is going to be carried over to what should have been the crowning glory of the SW trilogy.

Just when I was excited to see how the wookies come into the picture; just when I was excited to see how Anakin would turn to the dark side; just when I was excited to see the monumental battle between Anakin and Kenobi that the GREAT Sir Alec Guiness (THE Obi Wan Kenobi; though Ewan McGregor does a fantastic job of channeling Guiness and at the same time creating a totally absorbing younger Kenobi) alluded to in SW4:A Brave New Hope; just when I was excited to see how Samuel L. Jackson (totally underused in SW1 and SW2) would KICK BUTT--Lucas has to go and say that it's going to be a Titanic.

Now we're probably going to have to sit through lame, insipid,mushy, did I say lame already, dialogue between Anakin and Padme just so that the film can have the obligatory love angle which Lucas botched big time in SW2:Send in the Clowns. He could have totally excised the love angle from Send in the Clowns and the film would have rocked--but no, he had to put it in and he had to insist on writing it himself.
I hope Lucas comes to his senses and asks someone who knows writing, like Lawrence Kasdan, to come in and save this film from Lucas himself.

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