January 21, 2006

The Great Escape

Two of my clients escaped last week.  Apparently, they were helped by their fellow officers. I won’t dwell on the legalities and technicalities but on the experience of having someone who has trusted you with their lives escape before their cases can be terminated.

I went to the taping of Debate last week and met a particularly repulsive Congressman (I would have wanted to say, “is there any other kind?”  but my friends Erin Tanada and Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel are members of Congress and they’re not repulsive and among the nicest persons you will ever meet) who greeted me by asking, “aren’t you offended that your clients escaped, that means they don’t trust you?  You should feel betrayed.”

Because he is particularly repulsive, I actually just smiled and said nothing;  but on-air, Winnie Monsod also asked me practically the same question.

That got me thinking.

After having witnessed two of my clients killed before my very eyes, I’ve now experienced something new again—to have two clients escape.

Honestly, I don’t know what to think.


Anonymous said...

sir, do you love your job? im having difficulty being happy in law school and i dont know if its the adjustment or if its me.

Anonymous said...

Sir, thank you. You have remained a beacon in my personal struggle to find my bearings in this profession.

Ella said...

hi anonymous no. 2, hindi ka nag-iisa. hmm come to think of it, i can also relate to anonymous no. 1. God bless you both.

riche||e said...

sir, i doubt that it is because they did not trust you, their escape was probably fueled by their lack of faith in the system

Claire said...

Neither do I if I were in your place. = ) But I know God won't give you experiences beyond the richly abundant grace HE has given you. Like you said; Grace 24/7.

Mr. Te, we need people like you. So hang-on. = )

Marie said...

Keep on writing and keep on fighting for justice, Atty. Te.

We are in dire need of good role models in the law profession like you.

Anonymous said...

naku wag kang magpapaniwala dyan sa mga taong yan lalo na si winnie "utal" monsod, one of the proponents of the "move on" movement. she's not a particularly logical nor moral person. may illusion siya na magaling siya.

my two cents' in the escape of your clients is that they wanted to make a statement; that it is part of a grand scheme concocted by other officers or ex officers. it is no way shape or form a judgment on your skills as a lawyer.

i've seen you argue before the SC and among those i've watched, you are by far the best. oh my god, just recalling former how stupid sol gen goco was...yikes!

Anonymous said...

Personal attacks against well-respected UP Econ Prof Monsod are uncalled for.

But I agree with you that Atty. Te is a great lawyer.

Anonymous said...

I think Prof. Monsod did not ask that question with the intention of offending Atty. Te. That is my opinion, anyway.

Hi Sir! Continue doing what you do best -- being a great lawyer with a big heart.

unsent postcards said...

I too wouldn't know what to think. But here are two thoughts:

1. There are only 2 reasons why people are kept in prisons - for retribution or for protection. But in their case, perhaps they didn't really deserve to be there or it wasn't safe for them to be there.

2. Anyone can escape from those people if they wanted to. Kung gusto, may paraan. Kung ayaw, may dahilan.