May 28, 2006

Pass the cheese, please.

Before I forget, another line from X-Men III that had me cringing:

Logan, ending his version of a pep talk to Bobby Drake, who had correctly pointed out that there were only six of them to Magneto’s Army, “We’re X-Men.”

Whoa.  Is that supposed to make me, like, fearless, bub?  

I wanted to laugh out loud but my companions and everyone else behind me probably would have stoned me as it was apparently the dramatic high-point of the “action” movie (similar to Filipino movies where the lead explains the whole plot while hiding behind a crate and shooting an unextinguishable clip of bullets), so I kept my peace.  But, man, that was such a cheesy line.

Maybe if Logan had been told that X-Men in the Philippines has been taken to refer to persons of chosen gender, he might have hesitated before saying that line.

Still and all, X-Men III is worth watching.  Don’t mind me, I just have a terminal aversion to cheesy movie lines.


Anonymous said...

great informative review. great movie, too, to followup the dunder dvc.

kagayanong daku

People Powered™ said...

Sir naman, spoiler! :( I didn't need to know that three major characters die.
Bad trip sa movie, pumapatay yung heroes. Sa comics, the thing that sets the heroes apart from the villains is the fact that they don't kill.

People Powered™ said...

Sir, I was just talking to a friend from XU law about your blog. She commented on how well-written your blog is. A thought entered my mind, I remembered how engrossed I was by the stories you wrote for our Crim 2 multiple choice final exam.
Why don't you write a novel? :D Puwede pa siyang maging teaching tool for Crim 1 and 2! Or di kaya bar exam reviewer.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting thoughts on the movie:
- When Logan was hit by sharp objects while on the run in the forest, why did the holes in his white shirt "heal" along with his wounds?
-When Logan was approaching Jean during one of the final scenes of the movie, his shirt, and even his skin were being disintegrated -- but why weren't his pants? They must be made of really durable fabric. :)

Ted said...

@anonymous: this is really one of life's greatest mysteries as far as comic books are concerned--the magic fabric they use. See for example, how the Hulk never gets arrested for indecent exposure when he transforms from Bruce Banner to the Hulk and how he manages to wear the same purple pants, split along exactly the same lines. Perhaps mutant spandex with a healing factor?