September 19, 2006


On the 1st year anniversary of the passing of Haydee B. Yorac (former Chair of the PCGG), the current Chair of the PCGG Camilo Sabio was arrested by the Senate for refusing to appear before one of its committees and testifying on anomalous transactions involving a sequestered company.    After he was arrested, all the rest of the Commissioners went into hiding (!);  not too different from felons fleeing the scene of a crime.

It is farcical that the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) would be the entity to hide behind immunity and refuse to be transparent.  

Haydee’s eyebrow is probably raised to stratospheric heights right now.

With incidents like these, it almost makes you want to do a Jim  Paredes and take a leave from being a filipino—but wait, isn’t Jim Paredes back in the Philippines doing that rip-off show on ABS-CBN?  

Now, I’m really confused.


jm said...

there's an interesting sidelight to the oral args yesterday.

camilo sabio was trying his darnest to explain why he refuses to testify before the senate. a few justices commented that he was the first pcgg chair (he's the 12th to be appointed such) to invoke absolute immunity from testifying in any inquiry. he said the previous chairs should have done so. he recounted that when he was still a commisioner, then chair haydee yorac was afraid of going to senate inquiries, and was especially afraid of sen. enrile. (he would later say he meant that yorac was afraid for the commision, which is continually under threat from the senate, i.e., abolition, no budget, etc.)

justice puno, yorac's up law classmate, responded - "there are a several members of the class of 1962 sitting in this Court and we can all tell you categorically, haydee yorac fears no one!"

Anonymous said...

re: jim paredes.


Anonymous said...

the term "doing a jim paredes" has already become a part of filipino culture.

sir, you should read how the paredes family tries to justify their migration to australia. how leaving doesn't really mean that they've lost hope etc.

it's sad how they're being judged by people who don't know them from adam.

i wonder if it would have been easier if they had admitted that they had indeed lost faith in the philippines?

or would that have affected APO ticket sales? :p