November 06, 2006

Big deal?

So, Nonong Cruz resigned irrevocably as Defense Secretary after Tony Carpio, his partner, wrote an excoriating majority (actually plurality) decision in the People’s Initiative case and after Raul Gonzales made public that the Firm (of which Carpio and Cruz were founding partners) was now on the other side of the Gloria fence.

Big deal!

Leaving is easy.  Public repentance is more difficult.  

Instead of a 2 sentence, 22-word letter of resignation, Cruz should have made a mea culpa mea maxima culpa letter to the Filipino people explaining just why Gloria should never have been installed in power and why she is unfit to stay a day longer in power.  Otherwise, Cruz’s resignation and Carpio’s seemingly disloyal ponencia will simply be a case of  “I scratched your back, you failed to scratch mine. . . so there.”

Stand on principle, gentlemen, and declare what you stand for.  It was wrong to have installed Gloria Arroyo (but profitable for you perhaps);  a resignation letter simply does not do the trick—a public apology perhaps would help but a public repudiation would do more.  

But that’s expecting too much.  What is it that they say about there being no permanent friends but only permanent interests?  Expect The Firm to be back soon.


Sam said...

Hi. Its good to see you posting in your blog again. What you expect of Sec. Cruz is next to impossible. You set very high standards for our public officials and we have every right to expect this. Unfortunately, this is not reality. I'll take the Cruz resignation and the Carpio-penned decision against the People's Initiative...and hope for more and better events to unfold.

Ted said...

@Sam,I know its next to impossible but dreaming of the impossible is free. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but I'm not really too sold on the Firm's break with Gloria; I think its a matter of their throwing a tantrum because they did not get what they wanted. What remains to be seen is what Cruz will do if Gloria does not accept his resignation.

Phil said...

You ask (demand?) that Cruz repent and make a public apology. To what extent is Cruz responsible for installing Arroyo into power?

I'm also bothered... This post comes across as a bit self-righteous. But that's just me.

Ted said...


As a particle of Philippinir sovereignty, I believe I have a right to demand that a "public servant" like Cruz, who personally and with The Firm, invested much in installing Gloria during the coup of 2001 and the heist of 2004 make a public accounting of his participation in installing a Vice President outside the constitutional succession and in allowing an unelected President to govern.

Not that my right to demand will come to anything in this accountability-challenged country; but then, that's just me--I'm stupid and crazy that way because I believe in accountability and transparency. And I actually believe in expressing my belief in accountability and transparency in government.

Others call that self-righteousness, I call that my right as a particle of Philippine sovereignty.

As to how the post struck you, perhaps its because I have, by now, a fair idea of how the Firm works and thinks and therefore forgive me if I'm not exactly ecstatic about Nonong Cruz's apparent change of heart in Gloria. For me, it is simply business for them; though I would love to be proven wrong and that is where my demand to Cruz comes in--prove me wrong that this is not about "business as usual" but because he truly believes that Gloria is not doing the country any good by insisting on perpetuating herself in power at all costs.

But hey, that's just me.

Peace, wherever, whatever and whoever you are.

Sam said...

Hi, I've heard the same thing about the break between the Firm and Malacanang. But I remain optimistic and hopeful...because you might agree that God uses seemingly imperfect situations to His greater glory.