January 04, 2007

Mr. Smith goes back to the U.S.

With the finesse of a sledgehammer blow, Gloria Arroyo showed just how much she holds in contempt the rule of law; and just how stupid she thinks Filipinos are.

Spiriting away Mr. Smith in the dead of night on the last working day of the past year smacks of utter malice and deception; it also betrays the cowardice that is inherent in a government and a pretender who, never having been elected to the highest office in the land, continues to wield the prerogatives of the executive office under the shadow of constant fear of being thrown back to where she belongs—in the dustheap of disgraced dictators.

The rape victim in the Subic case said it best, Bastusan na. Indeed. It appears that is the only language Gloria understands.

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E. Cross Saltire said...

Sir Te,

This president must be the most inane in terms of diplomacy and foreign strategy. Not only are we bending over backwards for foreign powers, we are getting squat for it. Notwithstanding the sovereignity and legal issues, what GMA did was just so stupid even from a purely strategic standpoint. It shows that big powers can just publicly demand from us without even a similar public promise of something in return. Instead of strengthening our bargaining position vis-a-vis other countries, she's showing that we're pushovers who will blink at the slightest hint of confrontation. She's showing similar mettle (or lack thereof) with respect to Japan (JPEPA) and China (the 30 fishermen).

I don't think a few wargames and decommissioned copters are enough to compensate the loss of our reputation. We are now officially diplomatic weaklings ready to do the bidding of stronger powers in exchange for peanuts.