June 27, 2008


You just cannot buy class.

Top Dog of the country's biggest Kennel, Prospero Nograles, may be decked out in Armani suits or what have you, shod in top leather, wearing expensive glasses, with expensive cologne oozing out of every pore, but he just has no class whatsoever.

In response to the clamor for Gloria Arroyo to cut short her U.S. trip because of the severe damage inflicted by typhoon "Frank", he is said to have texted to those who were asking that Gloria Arroyo cut her trip short because of typhoon "Frank" that Gloria's US trip had long been scheduled and that typhoon "Frank" didn't have a scheduled arrival date.

This, from the person 4th in the line of succession.

All the money in the world cannot buy him decency, cannot buy him sensitivity, cannot hide the lack of breeding and the crassness that screams out of every pore of his being.

I am saddened that he is from the city I was born in--Davao; and, for once, I am ashamed to be associated with Davao.

There is no english word to describe him. The filipino word for it, however, is the most apt: Bastos.

Ang bastos dapat binabastos din.


Francis said...

Professor Te, congratulations!
This makes being from Cagayan de Oro an honor. A toast. :)

Yet Abad said...

Davao is a great and proud city. Been there and it was a great experience. You should not for one moment feel the slightest shame for your city. You should not be ashamed of Davao. Davao should ashamed of Prospero Nograles. 'Nuff said.