January 13, 2009

Sounds greek to me, again

Some of the greek names that appeared in news stories the past months:

Alpha Phi Beta
Upsilon Sigma Phi
Sigma Rho

1. Utopia is the fraternity that is common to Felisberto Verano and Ricardo Blancaflor. (Reference: PDEA-DOJ-ALABANG 3 controversy).

2. Alpha Phi Beta is the fraternity common to Chief Justice Reynato Puno, Senior Associate Justice Leonardo Quisumbing, Lyceum Law School Dean Pacifico Agabin. (Reference: Threat to Impeach Chief Justice Puno)

3. Upsilon Sigma Phi is the fraternity of Louie Biraogo and Jacinto Paras, the former Congressman, who blew the lid off an unpromulgated ruling mysteriously sent to him by a person he has yet to identify. (Reference: see above)

4. Sigma Rho is the fraternity of Sonny Marcelo, Justice Antonio Carpio, and former CA Justice Vicente Roxas, among many many others (Reference: Meralco-GSIS-CA Controversy). It is also the fraternity of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

Once again, things are sounding greek to me.

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