February 09, 2005

Better than Daredevil (but its not saying much)

One thing I can say about "Elektra" is that Jennifer Garner can act and she really has great moves; but that's about it. The film is better than Daredevil, where the Elektra character (also played by Garner) was introduced, but that's not saying much considering that the only memorable thing about Daredevil was one song from the OST (and again, its not saying much). Rob Bowman (one of the major writers from "The X-Files") disappoints tremendously only because he is probably capable of so much more, both as director and writer; plot is thin as Mcdonald's coffee, pacing is bad, characterization is shot and, by God, the love angle is so lame. On top of which, they totally destroy what makes Elektra so awesome as a comic book character. Oh well, I'm sure there'll be a sequel--hope Bowman does better.

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