February 08, 2005

My first cuppa in a week

I had my first cuppa coffee this morning; the first in an entire week.

It was a strange but also familiar experience--like going back home to a place that you haven't been to for some time. Smelling the aroma of the freshly brewed beans and holding the hot cup in both hands was a pleasurable experience all over again but it was also a new experience as well--not having experienced it for one whole week.

Sometime during the past week, I offered up my coffeeless days as a fast for the Crossroads retreat; more than giving up something perhaps, I look at it now, in the light of what Ding Bondoc quite correctly reminded all of us last Saturday, as not settling for second best. The rush that I get from drinking so much coffee is second best compared to the great joy of being able to come before the Lord and encounter Him face to face each and every moment of my life.

So far, I'm still on my first cuppa. . . and I feel fine!

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Ella said...

Hey your sacrifice paid off! All the Crossroads participants, even my resistant officemate Jeremy, were moved during the retreat. I bet (though I never bet) that your coffee tastes better now that you let go of it for one week. ;)