June 17, 2005

Ready to be surprised

In my old age, I realized that I had lost (to some extent at least) one of the traits I thought had always been among my essentials in a person and in myself: spontaneity. I valued that in myself and I value that in friends. Through the years, however, I noticed that, more and more, I was becoming straight-jacketed and more and more formulaic.

Yesterday, the Lord surprised me with news about a case that I had forgotten; it was affirming and came at just the right time as I was struggling with a bad case of the runs on an empty stomach (go figure) while teaching four consecutive classes from 11-6. I had left my phone in my faculty room and just got to see my texts after classes. The news surprised me and also led me to do something I hadn't done in a long time: let out a whoop of YES!!!!! with fist pumping to boot. Before I realized it, I had done it; before I realized it, the whoop was louder than I thought. But no matter, it felt good.

Spontaneity and the blessing of being able to still be surprised. That's what the Lord showed me yesterday.

Today, of all days, I'm ready to be surprised.

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m said...

bad case of the runs on an empty stomach
in my language, "the squirts."