June 15, 2005


Let's get real. Would GMA be this quiet, given her famous temper and her imperial impetuousness,if her voice didn't appear on that tape?

Did she steal the election? It sure sounds like it.

Let's get real. Are we willing to let crooks get off simply because we don't like the messengers peddling the message? I'm no big fan of Alan Paguia, Linggoy Alcuaz and the rest of those characters but I am not willing to ignore what appears to be a clear case of large-scale larceny of votes by no less than the President herself.

There's a joke going around-bakit tahimik si GMA tungkol sa tapes? baka mabosesan. It's funny but it's also true.

Time to get real. Joker Arroyo, in his memorable opening speech during Erap's impeachment trial, said that "we cannot have a country ruled by a crook." It is poetic justice and the greatest irony that the beneficiary of Erap's impeachment trial might just end being the subject of another such speech by Joker Arroyo.

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