October 13, 2005

My rant for the day

This will be a rant.  You want to stop reading, be my guest.  

You’re still there. . . tough.  Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

There’s a really bad pick-up line that goes:

“Man (to woman he wants to impress):  ‘Opportunity knocks but once. Hi, I’m Mr. Opportunity.’”

I hate opportunists.  For me, they are life forms lower than spineless jellyfish.  But more than opportunists, I hate opportunists who are not even open about being opportunists.  Give me “Mr. Opportunity” anytime—at least he’s honest.

I recently came across a write-up in Newsbreak about a certain law firm’s supposed intervention in the selection of the new Dean of Law at U.P.  It leaves a really bad taste in the mouth because I know everyone mentioned in that write-up.  I also know—and respect—Dean Carlota.  I also know the law firm and what it is capable of.

Is this what it has come down to?  Opportunity knocking and opportunists taking advantage?  Principle?  Is that now a dirty word?   I’d like to think not.

I think it is a signal dishonor to Dean Carlota for his name to be raked across the mud like this.  He is portrayed, unfairly, as an opportunist.  Worse than false accusation is malicious innuendo. Worse than malicious innuendo, however, is bad company.  Once and for all, Dean Carlota should squelch these rumors—if they are not true—and put that  law firm and all its lieutenants in their place.  To be fair to that firm as well, it should also say its piece (but also practice what it would preach as well).

Once and for all also, that firm and other similarly-minded, “well-meaning” alumni (making up various shades of “The Firm”) should just leave us in the UP College of Law alone—isn’t it enough that I have to be reminded of all of you and what you are once I  step into the Lobby of Malcolm Hall (should be renamed after that firm) and once I step into designated classrooms bought by and named for entities like Accra, Sycip, Binay etc.?    

U.P. Law is a public law school---the only one of its kind.  It shouldn’t be subject to sale like some political favor or some private property.  You want to be grateful alumni? Do some good by not foisting and keeping people like Gloria Arroyo on the people.  You want to be grateful alumni and do some good?  Stop representing big oil companies that keep the prices of oil up if only to maintain their “margin of profit.”   You want to be grateful alumni and do some good for U.P. Law?  Get the Senate and the House, and all the U.P. Alumni there, to stop sitting on their behinds and pass a realistic and reasonable appropriations act for U.P.  You want to live up to U.P.’s name?  Be a good witness to just how much the law can become a genuine force for change and for good.  Show to MY students just how much U.P.’s supposed grand manner has made you great lawyers—not just great businessmen and businesswomen.

If you can’t do that—please stay out of U.P. Law and let others who want to do that run the law school.  For us who have made a commitment to the Law School, this is our life and life’s work.  For me, a large part of  MY LIFE is invested in U.P. Law so do me a favor, all you “well-meaning and grateful alumni”, if you can’t help me and the country (see above,  in bold)—STAY OUT OF MY LIFE!

Did I tell you I really hate opportunists?  Ok, I’ll stop now.


Anonymous said...

"this is the college of law, not the college of justice."

this is probably the greatest disillusionment i learned in my freshman year.

at least i know that there are other people in UP Law who believe otherwise. :)

Alumnus said...

Hi Ted,

Though you made it clear that it is a rant, I hope you don't mind a couple of questions.

How do you define a great lawyer? Is political belief (or the lack thereof) a factor?

U.P. Alumnus