October 05, 2005

Retroactive 5.0 for Miriam in Evidence

As one who has been teaching Evidence for some time, I am ashamed of myself.  

I must apologize to all my students, present and past, for failing to tell them that triple hearsay is not only admissible but is also impressed with high probative weight.  I must confess that since I never had the “brilliant” Miriam Defensor-Santiago as my professor for Evidence, I really missed that particular legal principle.  I feel that I must commit the academic equivalent of hara kiri by turning in my teaching license, as it were, and make a public apology to all my students, present and past, for misleading them.

Hah, she wishes.

Miriam is the one who is a monumental embarrassment to the name of U.P. and particularly the College of Law.   She’s not even funny anymore—even when she goes from her “lucid intervals” to her “normal state”—she’s tiresome and tiring a total waste of taxpayer’s money.  

She should be given a retroactive 5.0 for Evidence and her diploma as a UP graduate should be withdrawn.


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Anonymous said...

Ooooh, fighting words but that's okay, she can't be mad. Apart from you telling it like it is, I'm sure she gave you a higher grade than Rolex Suplico.
;-)Glad you're updating your blog more often now.