November 25, 2005

Grace 24 x 7

Back in the bad old days of my past life, I’d have called this week “hell week.”  Somehow, I could relate with Kiefer Sutherland on “24” except that I didn’t face any mortal peril—except the occasional cliff-hanging deadline-beating submissions that almost stopped my heart a few times, literally.

It’s been a week of full-packed, non-stop meetings, hearings, work, service—almost all of them interlocking and overlapping with each other.  From Monday to Friday, my work day started at 630 am with breakfast meetings almost every day and ended past midnight after either work or service.  

And the week’s not over yet.  Tomorrow brings new challenges.  I play marriage counselor to two dear friends on the verge, bringing with me the only thing that qualifies me for the role:  both of them trust me. After this initial tryst into marriage counseling, a meeting with Gay for pre-planning and then a session with my Spiritual Director and then preparing presentations for the planning session on Sunday.

Sunday brings with it a men’s conference that starts at 8 and ends at 5; after which, we go to Good Shepherd Convent for a branch council planning at 7pm that ends the next day (a holiday) at 6 pm; and continues with a talk on Financial Stewardship at 7:30.  And then, its Tuesday.

Strangely enough, I don’t feel tired even though I know I am.  Others would call this nervous energy or adrenalin;  I call it grace—God’s.  It truly is sufficient.

“In my weakness, You are my strength” never became more real to me.  

Lord, keep me company even as I struggle to keep pace with You on the way to Heaven.


chard said...

lingkod gapo would also be having its annual planning today which starts at 5pm and hopefully wrap up the meeting pass lunch tomorrow. my BL and i have been meeting up weeks prior this planning and it's kind of not only physcially exhausting but mentally draining as well. then two weeks ago the branch council met up for the actual pre-planning. although i have been tied up in the office since the start of the week, i feel that the Lord just restored a car that has conked out. :) i pray that God would speak through me in this planning.

may God also bless your planning, bro! :)

regina said...

wow. knowing that there's a UP Law professor who's a mighty man of God really blesses me. I'm only a freshman, and I already feel dismayed because of a lot of things. Anyway, I'm looking forward to have you as a professor, Sir Te. God bless. :)