November 27, 2005

A great decade

Saw the “Madness” signs all around Malcom Hall; it seems that the theme this year is the 80’s. Now, that was a great decade—as in, a GREAT DECADE!

Ten things I remember about the 80’s:

1. Marcos’s butt being kicked all the way to Hawaii;

2. Tears for Fears ! (a great band; even if they were said to be looney tunes, they sounded great, especially on "Everybody wants to rule the world")

3. U2, Live at Red Rocks (not the one at Scout Tobias)!!!

4. Watching live bands at Red Rocks, Scout Tobias (the precursor of Club Dredd; where bands like Deans December--featuring a then already howling Binky Lampano--Razorback, E-heads would play and where, occasionally, a very single, very young, very pretty Dawn Zulueta would show up to watch the bands play)

5. Gold! Always believe in your soul . . .

6. Bagets! (Great movie; original, inventive, and hip at that time)

7. Rallies at Mendiola

8. Lining up veeeery early to enroll at UP

9. Watching APO hiking society concerts at Ateneo and waiting for "American Junk" so we could raise our clenched fists and thumb our noses at american imperialism;

10. Michael Jackson, when he was both black and bad! (Now, he’s just weird.)
10. Listening to Lean Alejandro address a rally;

10. Major Tom (the song);

10. Parties at Corinthian;

10. Our House . . . in the middle of the street;

10. Marx for Beginners, Lenin for Beginners, Nicaragua for Beginners, etc

The list can go on. . . .That was a great decade.


Anonymous said...

ah, the "old" UP pre-registration system. don't know if it was that bad in the 80's, but in the 90's i remember lining up outside our college at 2:30 in the afternoon, for enrollment at 10:30 *the next day*. same thing for STS.

Anonymous said...

u want to thumb ur noses at american imperialism via "american junk" yet u make references to american movies, television. typical hypocrite. are u gonna come over here too once ur done and make ur fortune? u guys are all a bunch of hypocrites. Paredes bashes america and then proceeds to rip off "we are the world". GET REAL

Ted said...

while ordinarily, cretins who hide behind anonymity won't merit a response from me--i'm going to make an exception this time.

i'm sorry, did i sound like i was a big fan of jim paredes and his politics? maybe you don't get something as subtle as irony. i guess you wouldn't--having that big chip on your shoulder and that poker up your a__.

well, here's a sledgehammer for you. are you even filipino? and, do sign your name to things you write--it's not only common courtesy, it shows also that you've got b____s! my name is ted, it's on my blog. do you have one?

i wish you a good life ahead because from the way you sound, it doesn't appear you've had one.

melvel said...

What is it with all these 80's comebacks? We just had a mini high school class reunion a month ago, and the theme was the 80's also (even though we didn't graduate from that era) :)

I do agree that it's a great decade. Spandau Ballet, Human League, Crowded House and all those new-wave bands are loads better than the R&B/hip-hop wave that followed soon after.