March 20, 2006

The new yellow

Black is the new yellow.

In the old dictatorship of Marcos, the conjugal dictatorship wanted all taxis painted another color other than yellow because yellow became associated with Ninoy Aquino and the street protests.

In this current dictatorship, it appears black is  the new yellow.

As with all dictatorships, they start by being OA (over-acting).


algol said...

Pardon my ignorance, but, has it really become a de facto dictatorship? I thought that 1017 was repealed.

Ted said...

Proc 1021 declared that the state of national emergency has ceased but did not expressly revoke Proc 1017--which called out the armed forces--or GO 5 and GO 6.

A dictator is one who rules without a legitimate mandate. So its not de facto. I don't mean dictatorship only in relation to 1017, but starting 2004.

Arbet said...

Let's all wear black then. Every Friday.

Anonymous said...

hey teddy,

are you friends with some personalities in the b&w movement? could you relay to them this simple request: publish the template design of the notorious shirt so we can have them reproduced in cdo. [say, like a downloadable item from the blog site.]

para sad dili mi isolated sa mga pangahitabo dinha sa manila.

charge on!

Ted said...

@anonymous na bisaya. bay, kinsa ka man intawon? i suppose you're someone i know from HS because: 1. you call me "teddy", an ancient name for me he he he and 2. bisaya ka man. to answer your question, i don't know any personalities from b&w movement maybe except dinky soliman and that's only through Hec, her husband. i will relay this to him though. ayo-ayo man diha bay.

Anonymous said...

batch lower lang ko nimo ted. ayo-ayo pud.

glad to know that black&white has posted the design in their blog.

wernicke said...

Hi Sir!
Hello everyone,

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