March 07, 2006

Tumiklop si Saksi

Sorry, Mike E., I will listen to FM or CD during the 6-9 time slot every day.  You just lost an avid  listener.

Mike E is Mike Enriquez, anchor of DZBB’s Saksi sa BB 6-9 every weekday morning;  and I listen to him everyday while driving to work and going to my hearings or meetings.

If you caught the live on-air simulcast anchored by Mike E earlier this morning., you will know why Mike E. has lost a listener on radio (I will continue tuning in to 24 Oras because Mel Tiangco is still credible but I’ll switch channels everytime Mike goes on air).   He had a one on one with the dictator;  and for a while there, I thought Mike had been hired by Cerge Remonde and had gone over to Channel 4.

To say that Mike was fawning over Gloria is gross understatement.  Not even Ronnie Nathanielsz was that bad and at least, for Nathanielsz, it was understandable.  But for Mike E., who attempted to project a sense of objectivity and independence?  And even through the airwaves, you could feel palpably Mike’s chest (and head) swell when the dictator rewarded him with effusive praise on air.

Someone tell me that interview was a bubble gang prank with Michael V. and ate glow.


rain said...

sana nga bubble gang prank sir.

unfortunately tayong pangkaraniwang tao ang na-wow mali :D

Ella said...

Malayo pa ang April 1 eh, so malamang it's the real thing! Oh well what could be the real deal?

Anonymous said...

So is Mike Enriquez now an apologist or paid propagandist for the administration? I didn't catch the interview but it seems out of character for Mr. Enriquez to be partisan. What exactly did he say? I find it difficult to reject or condemn everyone on the opposite side of the fence.

wernicke said...

Hi Sir!

I heard the sound byte while in the car listening to TV Patrol World simulcast over DZMM. Well, it did sound like he was obviously flattered. I didn't notice him that much as I was too appalled at GMA for what she is saying. Pikon sya! I know more people actually watch and listen to news of GMA 7 over ABS-CBN but in fairness to them, Gloria hated them for defending Julius Babao who was accused of helping a terrorist and hated Gaby Lopez for having the guts to speak after GMA's speech at a KBP gathering in baguio late last year, essentially answering her anti-media sentiments.

Ted said...

I would not go as far as saying paid propagandist but Gloria did get FREE propaganda points from Mike during that interview.

I don't condemn Mike for taking a pro-gloria slant; I just will stop listening to him. That's consistent with my stand on free expression and my stand against any form of censorship.

I refuse to listen to propaganda so until Mike learns to ask the difficult questions and differentiate between balanced reporting and reporting the truth (there is a difference, even to me, an untrained media watcher--heck, what do I know, right?), I will stop listening to him.

One basic question to the management of GMA 7--if it was balanced reporting they were after that morning, why did they give Gloria solo air time? Why not phone patch her with the voices of dissent or better yet, put her in the studio with real people affected by her real decisions? Probably because, it wasn't designed to reveal the truth but, you guessed it, to be propaganda.

Manong Ubaldo said...

Whille the Arroyo gov't has ABS-CBN bogged down in legal woes over that noontime show disaster, Gloria herself single-handedly demolishes GMA-7's credibility by singing praises to it and upholding it as a model for the broadcasting industry to follow. In any case, if GMA-7 has reputation problems now, it is largely self-inflicted, Arroyo's hosannas being just the latest nail on its coffin. It has a lot to answer for regarding that EDSA tribute program that didn't air on QTV-11 (which GMA-7 owns) because management feared it will incur Malacanang's displeasure.

Lord Dracula said...

At least for the Fortress at the Pasig, it was responsible journalism.

Anonymous said...

For those who got a copy of the Inquirer, GMA said there that the epitome of "responsible journalism" is Mike Enriquez.

luna said...

di po kaya't ito ang isang magandang halimbawa ng "chilling effects" sa media? baka po natatakot na ang mga brodkaster na di sang-ayunan ang adminsitrasyon..

Anonymous said...

oh pls people, I've heard mike enriquez criticize gloria several times too. let's not ostracize him just because he got praised by someone "we" hate.

the thing I noticed about media people who have a ratings problem is that they think it's a good move to improve their rating by hitting hard whoever is in power.

Ted said...

@anonymous "mike enriquez defender". Thank you for your comment.

First off, I've said this before--I DO NOT LIKE ANONYMOUS WRITERS; so please do sign your name so you can be accountable for what you say.

Second, this is my blog so what I post here are MY thoughts and MY advocacies. I do not expect you to agree with me, I do expect you to be intelligent enough to understand what a post means and not just engage in propa (by the way, I hate propaganda). My thoughts on Mike and my disappointment with him are mine and I don't expect people to take on those thoughts because I post them. In fact, I wouldn't like you if you mindlessly accept what I tell you--that's a dictatorship, and in case you didn't get it, I hate dictators.

Third, my objections to the dictator have nothing to do with Mike's absolute lack of any sense of objectivity and fairness during that interview. GMA 7 is public television and so too is DZBB; they are not government owned stations--NBN, RPN and IBC and the whole Radyo ng Bayan network are--and so I EXPECT FREE TELEVISION AND RADIO NOT TO ENGAGE IN PROPAGANDA. Mike could have interviewed Bono, whom I like, and if he toadied up to him, I would still criticize him for doing so.

Last, I like Mike personally, that's why I listened to him regularly. But there was nothing about that interview that Goebbels, rather Bunyi, could not have done or Defensor or Nograles or Pichay or Neri or Remonde or Bondoc or Miriam or De Venecia or . . . someone stop me before I run out of space enumerating all the mouthpieces Gloria has. As a broadcaster of integrity and principle, Mike has the duty of telling Gloria or anyone else that I am not your paid hack and I will not ask only the questions you want to hear; my duty to my listeners and to the public listening on the free airwaves demands no less; and if you dont like it, then tough. But Mike didn't do that; and I considered it disappointing, to say the least. But that's just me.

Before you get on my case saying that we're free thats why we can disagree, take a look in the mirror and your post and ask yourself why you wrote anonymous instead of your real name.

so, please,people who support Gloria, give me a break.

God bless your day for sic transit Gloria mundi (for Gloria too will pass).

ellen said...

Being praised by Gloria Arroyo is a kiss of death for a true journalist.