October 03, 2006

of Globe, Ateneo and others

Haven’t blogged in a while for many reasons.  So many things going on, so many things on my mind, just can’t find the disposition to write about them.

People in the metro discovered recently they can live without electricity (for a short while), without water (for even a shorter while) or without cable tv but they can’t live without texting.  When the lights went out due to Milenyo, cell sites failed also.  And that’s when you heard the howls of protest (mine included).

That’s the effect of  connectivity.  And that’s what happens when connectivity is gone, you feel lost.

In a way, that’s what I feel when I can’t pray—disconnected from the Source:  lost.

It’s a good thing that, despite all that’s going on, the grace to come before the Source is still there; even if, on many occasions, I have to literally BEG for the grace, it does come and in great abundance.

Lord, allow me to hold fast to the truth that You are the Master of the storms in my life;  remind me never to whine to You about how big the storms are in my life but always remind me to tell the storms how Big a God You are.

Ateneo lost; in overtime; to UST; in a tournament where La Salle did not play.  That hurts;  a lot.

I feel for JC Intal, who missed two crucial baskets in regulation that could have won them the game outright and again missed two baskets in overtime that could have won them the game. He played his heart out, however, and that is something to be proud of;  that’s probably also why he cried his heart out too.


valerie said...

hi ted. it's good to see you last monday. i had a good feeling but at the same time got intimidated. i felt excited thinking about my "future" in that place but felt afraid if i will get to face you at the other side of the bench. did you know that you and jun were some of the people who inspired me to go to law school? you really made lawyering a very noble profession to me, but law school pala is another battle ground. hu,hu,hu, poor me. i got tricked! he,he,he.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ted,

I created a link of your blogspot to my friendster blog. I thought it would be easier just to link it so I can access it. Hope you don't mind.

Sorry for this "after the fact" request for a greenlight. Please don't post this comment ha. I don't know where to email you kasi. :)

Iris Baguilat

Anonymous said...

Bro, I got engrossed reading ur blogs. Galing! Keep it up! si Sis Ella talaga ang idol ko sa blogging, pero ngayon, kasama ka na doon, hehehhe. Regards sa mga kapatids sa QC :)

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