October 31, 2006

Looking with new eyes

Sometimes, you need to look at things with new eyes.

Haven’t been able to blog in a while for many reasons;  just thought I’d put a new face to the blog—this is temporary, while I’m looking for a new template.  My thanks to Marlon for the previous template—which was beautiful, but which somehow got old also.    In the meantime, I’ve always liked this template which I share with Ella (who put it up first) and Red C. (check out his blog for great essays and pics).

Hope to be back soon.  See you all around.

God bless you all.


Marie said...

Sir, your blog's new look is a welcome change.

More power!

People Powered™ said...

Sir, tingin ko mas maganda yung previous template.

valerie said...

hi ted,

ii have the same comment with "people powered". the old one was more refreshing, it was more like you.

Ted said...

Thanks; this is turning out to be an informal poll on the template. Haven't really decided yet; just felt that I needed a change.

Joseph said...

I haven't seen your old template, but this one seems OK. It reflect's your down-to-earth stance of calling a spade a spade.
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