May 31, 2007

Proven wrong

I did not expect it from him but I do know how to appreciate a decent gesture and I do recognize when I've been proven wrong.

Gloria Arroyo's obvious favorite candidate/cabinet secretary/all-around gopher* Michael Defensor conceded defeat in the Senatorial elections even before the COMELEC could finish its canvassing. Now, that is a decent gesture and certainly worth another post on him (I did say in a previous post I would not waste any more time and space blogging about Mike Defensor).

Of all the candidates running, he was the last one I would have expected to concede. That makes his concession even more significant.

As far as concession speeches went, Mike's didn't set off any fire alarms; this one (see below) did.

Now, that's a great concession speech.

* (1) To be fair to the mammal of the same name. the reference is to the american slang "go pher this, go pher that" which indicates that the human "gopher" is servile and/or in servitude. (2) For those who were born and were around in the late 70's to the early 80's, you may also remember that this was the name of the purser on "The Love Boat."

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Anonymous said...

i am sure glad he made that concession. now if only he did not concede with requests of foreign mining companies to be issued "exploratory" permits on our provincial watersheds when he was still DENR secretary, i'd be happier. his predecessor revoked the licenses, and there he was, conceding to their repeated requests to get our national patrimony. i wonder what he will concede next? haha! the man does not deserve to be one of our leaders, and his "concessions" do not remove the evils he left in the offices he occupied. i sure hope he doesn't get appointed in any post. but that is like saying that the sun is not gonna shine tomorrow. sigh.