March 14, 2007

Early Returns 2

Two of my readers, seiji and incarnadine29, want to know what I think about Mike Defensor (look at that smile), particularly his new 'Tol personality (c/o Boy Abunda). My short (a little irony here) answer is: I try not to think about Mike Defensor at all, I find that my days are better that way.

But life's like that, we can't always get what we want. So, I am constantly bombarded by Mike Defensor's really fake smile and his really pink shirt (what's with that? Is that a way of letting female voters know he's in touch with his feminine side or something? Whatever, it looks bad and TH on him; makes me want to stop wearing my pink shirts for a while)--all courtesy of Boy Abunda. And what's with the 'Tol? It's from the vernacular for "brother", utol and it's also a play on his not being that tall. As far as platforms go, apparently, Mike is projecting himself as a short brother. Oh well, at least he's honest.

Seriously, Mike Defensor is someone I would not want to inflict on this country that I love for one minute more than I can help. So, pardon me if this is the last entry on him. He is known famously for being devoid of any real sense of principle, other than what is good for him (he's been known to be that way since college); he once stood up to denounce a famous tollway project by an equally famous family and when pressed for evidence, folded (at least Alan Cayetano didn't fold) in public. That's the type of person he is--the quick fix, the compromise. He is a JDV in the making and that's not a compliment in any way.

So, the sooner we erase Mike Defensor from our collective consciousness, the better. I'm not voting for him for any position ever.


E. Cross Saltire said...

Prof. Te,

I totally agree with your post, that Mike is "devoid of any real sense of principle". But why single out the administration candidates in your blog? Fact is, practically all of these politicians, whether GO or TEAM Unity, are are devoid of any real sense of principle. Their only loyalty is to themselves. They'll be too willing to turn their backs on their current positions when political tides change.

But that's expected of our crop of politicians. What I really despise is the gall of the opposition to cloak themselves with righteousness when they are just as sleazy as the admnistration. They are so intent on grabbing power so that it can be their turn again to plunder the country, which was cut short in 2001. There's nothing genuine-- which means free of hypocrisy or pretense-- about the GO, unless GO stands for "Genuine Opportunism".

TED said...
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TED said...

Sorry about previous comment; realized there was something wrong after I published it; had to take it back.

@ E. Cross Saltire:

Why single out the TU candidates? Because it's infinitely more fun to single them out. Especially the self-righteous ones like Mike and Joker and those who take themselves too seriously like Pichay.

But seriously, no, I'm not a great fan of the GO either. With the exception of maybe Chiz (and I'm not really decided on him), most of them are pretty blah if not outright awful.

Capsule impressions of some of the GO candidates I remember from their posters or ads:

1. Loren Legarda- all Teeth, not much else
2. Alan Cayetano - all sound and fury signifying nothing much or nothing at all
3. John Osmena - see Loren (vide earlier comment by Incarnadine29); also: one word from Erap's impeachment trial - balato (vide: Tessie Aquino-Oreta);
4. Koko Pimentel - hasnt really lived in mindanao but wants to represent mindanao?
5. Sonia Roco - running on the ghost of Raul Roco and not much else; unless she gets a clear identity of her own, waste of time.
6. Nikki Coseteng - Erap's leading lady, that's about it.
7. Noynoy Aquino - anytime you need Kris Aquino to speak for you, you're in trouble, man.
8. Manny Villar - the best thing about his ad is Jennylyn Mercado
9. Sonny Trillanes - he's no Ninoy Aquino, so channeling Ninoy from a jail cell just doesn't cut it.
10.Ping Lacson - Kuratong Baleleng, 'nuff said

and don't get me started on the dynasties-- Mikee, Dato, Iggy, Gloria; Pia and Alan plus Alan's wife in Taguig; Nene and Koko; Boy and Nadia plus Baby Asistio; Recto and Santos-Recto plus Ermita and Ermita-Buhain. . .

As I said in an earlier post, we are in deep trouble if Kit Tatad (he who announced martial law) becomes the voice of moral suasion. . . but look who's speaking out against dynasties -- Kit Tatad.

seiji said...

Amen, i say to that, sir.

a lot of people are really becoming disappointed with our "public servants", like my mom for instance. here are her top picks for the candidacy: richard gomez, cesar montano, loren legarda, kiko pangilinan and ralph recto, i.e. all showbiz-related. her reason: she wants congress abolished, besides, she says, they haven't come up with anything beneficial for the people they are SUPPOSED to represent anyway.

i, on the other hand, am still undecided. i'm seriously considering not voting anymore, duty or no duty. i feel it's a betrayal to the country to merely choose "the lesser evil". there simply is no one else, and i'd like to settle only for the best. *sigh*

TED said...

@ seiji: I like the way your mom thinks. he he he.

seriously, some picks worth considering/thinking about are kapatiran as well as Danton Remoto, of Ang Ladlad, who at least is clear about what he's advocating. That much, you have to admire in him; besides, Danton is very literate, very articulate, very well read and very principled--he's from the Ateneo and teaches there (not sure if he still teaches there now though).

incarnadine29 said...

I feel bad for Mr. Remoto, regarding all the moves to disqualify LADLAD, the partylist he is representing. Really, is there some sort of premeditated, concerted move to disqualify actually competent persons from running? I have read a lot of his literary works and I agree with you Sir, he is very literate.

A few months 'til the election and my list is still empty.

LegallyChef said...

Sir, too bad Danton Remoto was declared a nuisance candidate. The day it came out in the news, I knew that I was going to vote for him. At least with him, he has a clear platform and advocacy. The question is, who else is there?

*hi sir, done with OLA duty (except classroom component of course)

TED said...


why do i get the feeling you, seiji and incarnadine29 know each other?

"done with OLA duty (except classroom component of course)" - so, you're not exactly done. he he he. I think you're going to enjoy Raquel Fortun and her slides this Saturday.

LegallyChef said...
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LegallyChef said...

Yes sir we know each other :)

Will the talk be about collection of evidence, the one with lots of gory pictures?

TED said...

@legally chef:

ha ha ha; yes, with more and more gory pictures.

you have an interesting blog.

seiji said...

sir, since the subject of Danton Remoto, as well as the move to disqualify competent people(although this is totally unrelated to all the campaign hoopla), came up, i have another interesting food for thought: did you know that people from the 3rd sex are being discriminated against? imagine not hiring someone into a law firm just because of his/her sexual preference, no matter how qualified he/she is. how unfair is that?

ps1: yes sir, the 3 of us know each other :)
ps2: by the way haven't thanked you yet for adding me to your friendster. you did so a few days ago. so, thanks :)
xbox: looking forward to the gory pictures. i'm making sure i get in early so i can sit in front!!!

incarnadine29 said...

xbox >> nice one! Hehe.

Grace said...

Hello blockmates. Hehe! Re: OLA classroom component... I'm surprised anyone was able to eat afterwards.


The year I turned 18, I was so excited to register as a voter. I was an idealistic rally-attending college sophomore in the midst of EDSA II. Six years and two elections later, I realize that it was essentially all for naught. Nothing has changed. Ironically, I cared more when I was in Ateneo. By the time I entered UP, I had stopped caring. I'd like to think we can get out of this hellhole, but from the looks of it, that's not going to happen in the near future. I mean, at the rate student politics is going, what can we expect after these so-called future leaders? As for the May election, I'm beginning to reconsider whether the trip home to Lipa to cast my vote will be worth the hassle. Although in my lifetime, Batangas politics has never been so controversial, what with the Rectos haggling over who gets what position battling a known jueteng lord. Sounds like really bad cliche soap opera material.

TED said...

Frequent reader and poster incarnadine29 posted this (but due to sleepiness, I hit "reject" instead of "publish") so, here it is:

incarnadine29 said:

I agree with what you said about student politics. I took my undergrad in UP and I could say my college was pretty politics-free back then. The culture of politics in the College of Law is a lot different ~ there actually is politics. LSG elections palang, nanlulumo na ako as I see all the dirty tactics employed by the students who are running; and these students I actually know. Sa College palang, ganyan na ang culture... so I guess we shouldn't be surprised at how UP Law grads run our country.