September 01, 2008

4, not 1

Because of Ely's heart attack, most of the focus has been on him. Understandable but not entirely fair because the Eraserheads is a four-man act. 4, not 1.

And so, before I shut up about the 'Heads, I just have to say that the 15-song set would not have rocked as much had not Raimund, Buddy and Marcus played their hearts out as well. They have definitely matured as instrumentalists, given the years they were together as the 'Heads and the years after when each of the 4 put up their own bands (Raimund's feat must be cited simply because he has three bands all at the same time, not one after the other). Clearly, they all worked out simply to be able to sustain the energy level needed to keep on playing, song after song--never mind that they did not even talk to each other and had even minimal eye contact.

The 'Heads sounded great not simply because Ely sang his heart out but also because Marcus, Buddy, and Raimund played their hearts out as well.

Marcus, Buddy at Raimund, maraming salamat; binigyan nyo uli kami ng ligaya, kahit na panandalian lamang. Mabuhay kayo!

Ok, I'll shut up now.

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