August 31, 2008

The Stunned Silence

I agree with Angelo in his blog post--if the news that there would be no second set had happened in any other concert with any other group, there would have been blood--literally. I agree with the respect, the love, the crowd had for the group, and for Ely.

I was so amazed at how the multitude took the news that Ely was rushed to the hospital and would not be coming back on stage that night. There was a stunned silence. No boos, no hisses, no shouts for refund, no screams of harang (fraud). Just a stunned, and later a prayerful, silence.

While the ending was anticlimactic (because there were just too many songs they had yet to play; so many personal favorites they were saving for last), it was just so rock and roll. I mentioned to someone that they could not have scripted it better--except that it wasn't scripted. In this case, life pre-empted art and added infinitely more spice.

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