August 25, 2006

Freedom and accountability

If there is one thing this blog celebrates, it is freedom;  if there is another thing it celebrates, it is accountability.

I believe in freedoms---to think, to have faith, to pray, to express yourself, to live, love and let be; but I also believe in accountability and responsibility—to respect others, to own your ideas and principles and be ready to defend them and be challenged for them. I also believe that these freedoms should never be abused and accountability forgotten.

My post on MY PERSONAL STAND on fraternities and fraternity violence has spawned almost 50 comments and has now led to gay bashing and mudslinging.  While I am flattered that there are more than 3 readers out there, I am outraged that these “anonymous” writers would trample on the freedom and accountability that this blog represents and celebrates.

So, to those of my friends and responsible readers who wish to comment on my blog, I am moderating the comments section to filter out Isagani Cruz wanna-bes and fraternity drones who mouth the virtues of their fraternities like mantras for the mindless.

You know who you are: get a life;  better yet, get a spine.

1 comment:

Ipat said...

Interesting, Ted. Did you see the movie Thank you for Smoking? They portray (fiction, I suppose) a MOD SQUAD, a weekly bar session of the PR biggies of the gun, the alcohol and the tobacco industry, MOD meaning Merchants of Death.

Increasingly, "freedom" is no longer the old hippie word that evokes flowers, the peace sign, combi vans and flowing cotton skirts but the means to prevent government from putting restrictions in place for sin and other unhealthy and partially addictive products. Freedom, for example, to stuff your young kids with processed and fast foods and make their sugar, salt and holesterol levels make them crave for more!! There should be a new discourse on freedom.