August 11, 2006

Michael Mann gets it

He does.

His movies are big on mood which he creates using light, sound and scenery.

1. The Last of the Mohicans—remember that scene when Daniel Day-Lewis chases after Madeleine Stowe and there’s no dialogue only music and Stowe’s (and Day-Lewis’s) beautiful face; that’s how a movie climax should be made.

2. Collateral – the only Tom Cruise movie (its technically his but Jamie Foxx stole it, hands down) that I truly enjoyed. Again, mood prevailed—sounds, light and scenery.

3. Heat - Pacino, De Niro, Kilmer. Three actors famous for not smiling put together in one movie; remember that shoot out in the middle of the street?

And now,

4. Miami Vice—I practically grew up on the 80’s tv series but the movie is way, way, way better. There is no trace of pastel anywhere in this movie and its practically night time all throughout but its great. The mood is just right and the blacks and grays make for a great metaphor---for Crockett’s struggle to stay right side up as he gets deeper and deeper into what he does. The dialogue is all mumbly but somehow you manage to understand what’s going on. And, Gong Li is beautiful here (never mind her atrocious accent).

Michael Mann gets it, he really does.


Ella said...

Let me guess if u saw this on the big screen or not. My guess is not, and so I'd like to borrow your copy. Also Grey's Anatomy! Et al. Thanks. :)

Ted said...

believe it or not, i squeezed it into my schedule; between meetings, one which ended early and one that was expected to start late, i went into the movie house and watched it. but you can have the Grey's anatomy seasons 1 and 2 as Gay hasn't finished her koreanovellas yet.

emer said...

at the risk of sounding sexist, michael mann is the man. he directs like a real dude :)

Oggs Cruz said...


I'm glad you're also into Michael Mann, you should try to watch his "Manhunter," which is the definitive screen version of "Red Dragon." I hope Nico gets to read what you wrote about "Collateral." He and some of my blockmates practically dissed me for urging them to watch it.

Oggs Cruz

Ted said...


I have watched "manhunter" and I found it quite good. He's an acquired taste though; most of my friends hated "Heat" and "collateral" too and they found "MOhicans" to be a sell-out. You can't please everyone.