August 25, 2006

Wasted energies

Many people have asked me why I never took part in the impeachment  proceedings before the House—the first and the second time they tried it.  Some, who don’t kow me very well, have even wondered—to my face—if I was in favor of Gloria.

There is a long and short answer to why I never bothered to join or even volunteer to help in the impeachment proceedings.  The long answer I will not put here because it is, well, long; the short answer is that you will never impeach Gloria for so long as impeachment is a numbers game.  The vote at the plenary showed that, quite dramatically.

I believe in choosing my battles.  Putting my energies into two impeachment bids in a house known for its venality is a waste of energies—apologies to my good friends Erin and Risa who are part of the House.  Besides, I cannot reconcile being on the same issue as the former dictator’s daughter even if it is to get rid of the current dictator; and please don’t get me started on the balut congressman.

I believe, with all my heart, Gloria will be removed but, as the events of the past years have shown, it won’t be by short cuts and by grandstanding.  Also, I believe, with all my heart, that Gloria and her family and her cronies, will be held accountable to the people of the Philippines and to God.

If a fist clenched in anger will not remove her, then perhaps arms linked in solidarity and hands clasped in prayer will.

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