February 01, 2007

The reasons

Someone asked me recently why I bother writing and getting angry about Gloria, when it appears that there is very little that can be done as she is well-entrenched in power and will do anything in her power and beyond to stay there forever. That same person also asked me why I bother to get angry about Gloria.

I told her that I bother to write because I am but:

falling into
a stream
torrents, and
turning into a

I told her also that I bother getting angry because:

flood reduces
the rock

And finally, I told her I bother caring because many years ago, one man cared enough to stretch out His arms wide in an unrequited gesture of absolute love and those outstretched arms have given us the right to dare to hope, to care, to dream, to perserverse, to share and to love back.

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rax said...

The ripple effect...

This reminds me, there's a movement called "blog it forward," a reference to the movie "pay it forward." Only instead of repaying the good deeds one has received by doing good things for other unrelated people one:

1. Recommends three blogs to his readers.
2. Also ‘blog it backwards’ by linking to the post of the recommending blog, and
3. Let those bloggers know that you recommended their blogs and ask them to pass this favor forward to three blogs of their choice.

I think it's a faster way of turning your "drop" into a "flood" faster.

So I'd like to ask your permission if I could recommend your blog to my readers in this manner.

-Rachel Barroso