February 02, 2007

Requiem and Resurrection

Newsbreak, a news magazine I've read consistently since its very first issue six years ago, recently stopped publishing a hard-copy edition and decided to continue existing only in its online format. I've had the privilege of contributing a few pieces before to its hard-copy edition and am happy to say that I've been asked to contribute as well to its online edition in a more regular capacity.

I'm sad to see the hard-copy edition go because it represented a good way to encourage reading something where you needed to turn pages; Newsbreak became known very quickly for its excellent writing and comprehensive research as well as its integrity; the women and men behind Newsbreak were award-winners in their own right and putting them together, they formed a formidable team.

However, the realities of publishing a hard-copy edition in a very competitive market has taken its toll. Add to that Newsbreak's terminal propensity for telling the truth, as it is, and for offending the wrong persons--like Mike Arroyo and Gloria Arroyo--and you have a surefire combination for not attracting enough advertisers or business.

I'm happy for small blessings, however; and the continuation of Newsbreak as an online magazine is a blessing. In this world where truth is scarce and fearless reportage of the truth is even more scarce, the women and men of Newsbreak is a gust of wind that is welcome indeed.

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