February 13, 2007

You know we're really in trouble when. . .

1. You find yourself agreeing with Prospero Pichay about the need for principled politics.
2. You find yourself agreeing with Kit Tatad on the need for moral recovery.
3. The spectacle of Gloria Arroyo tonelessly and tastelessly "singing" (sic) Boom Tarat tarat is not enough to move people to revolt.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ted.

What's the right prescription for incredible collective nausea with glee? Laymen call it election mode. I don't think it fits as #4 but somehow, aside from political surgery directed at you know where, we will still need a national suppository version of the Bonamin tablet for whatever comes the day after.

Thanks for including my blog in your list... You're right, Joker did say that...


aryo said...

Finally, a blog from a lawyer. I've been looking for one since I plunged into blogville.

I agree with your comments, sick as I am too with the kind of politics we Filipinos have. I've been contemplating on posting my views on politics, but I will only be depressing myself. Thus, I abstain.

Keep on writing!

(Aw shucks! I just realized this is the famous Prof. Te. Patay!:-))