January 01, 2008

New Year's SMS

It has not only become ritual but also commerce--the texting of greetings during special and festive events like Christmas and New Year's Eve and Day. Every year, my inbox is filled with many and varied greetings--some of which are recycled (how do I know? because I get them back. I even got back a text message I composed last night ) and some of them original.

One of the best--if only because it looked as if it was written for me and with me in mind--that I got, I got from a friend (text lingo included): "I pray that this coming year, God would gv u the grace to begin what you've planned, to continue what you have started and to finish what needs to be done. May you have a purposeful new year!"

I know its probably a globe or smart-generated sms greeting but it did speak to me as if it were written with me in mind.

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