January 15, 2008

Questions I find myself asking . . .

1. What do you call an ELEVATOR when it is going down?
2. What do you call an ESCALATOR when it is going down?
3. If you only have one leg, do you wear PANT or still pants?
4. If you only have one eye, do you wear A GLASS or still glasses?
5. If there is only one item, is it NEW or still news?

Wala lang, naisip ko lang.


sirius said...

Taking these questions seriously:

1 and 2

In an Einsteinian perspective, there is neither going up nor going down. It is all relative.


The closest thing to pants with a single leg is called a skirt.


A glass is not worn. One normally drinks from it.


New and news have unrelated meanings.

cuerius said...

How about the antonym of shorts? Is it longs?

Annielynn said...

naisip ko lang re: #4, you'll probably opt to use a monocle :)