December 31, 2005

Gratitude for a love far, far greater than any

Behold, I make all things new.”  (Revelation 21:5, RSV)

Such great love by the King, whose birth we celebrated at Christmas, and such great joy by us, who have been called His children.

At the end of a blessed year, 2005, I raise my hands and my heart to the source of all blessing, the fount of all joy, the wellspring of all hope:  my Lord, my King, my God.

Father, I thank You for the way You have blessed me this year;  for the way You have touched my life with each new day;  for the way Your blessings have overflowed and your grace has been in abundance;  for the way You continue to love me, despite my unloveableness and my unloving nature.

Lord, I thank You for the many ways You have made all things new to me this year, for the many times You have surprised me;  for the many joys that sustained me and the many challenges that made me strong;  for the many times I have asked You to reign in my life and for the many times You actually did; for the many times You allowed my passions to meet my dreams; and for the many times that You taught me the virtue of waiting on and for You.

Father, I lift up each day of my new year to You—the source of my joy, the essence of my life, the reason for my passion, the one who loved me first (Isaiah 43:4) and my first love. (Rev 2:4).  I pray for the grace to rise each new day, to pray, “I will love today” and to live out that prayer each day.

Lord, thank You for loving me with a love far, far greater than any other.  I pray that I might, in pale imitation of You, love with a love far, far greater than I can hope to be loved.  

That in all that I do and say, Your Name may be glorified—I pray in Christ’s Holy Name.  

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