December 07, 2005

Mercy, mercy on us

Just a thought.

Instead of the three-ring circus that is the House and Senate (apologies to circuses everywhere and the very few members of both houses who actually work and make sense) investigating Mr. Garcillano, why doesn't the new Ombudsperson Merdeditas "Mercy" Gutierrez throw her hat into the ring and use her considerable powers to investigate Garci?

Certainly, she has the mandate.
Certainly, she has the powers.
Certainly, she has the budget.
Certainly, she has the people's support.

Perhaps, her reticence, despite her rhetoric, is because --
[1] She doesn't have a hat;
[2] She doesn't know where the ring is;
[3] She can't throw, for squat;
[4] She's part of the circus;
[5] She doesn't have the nerve.

Oh Mercy. Mercy, indeed for us--who will need it.

1 comment:

People Powered™ said...

The new Ombudswoman Gutierrez started her career at the department(DOJ) as state counsel and was promoted assistant chief state counsel. In 2001, she was appointed as justice undersecretary. She served as acting justice secretary twice, during the leave of absence of then-Secretary Hernando Perez and when Justice Secretary Simeon Datumanong ran for Congress in the May 10, 2004, election (Manila Times website).
At one point, some people were pushing for her to be appointed as the permanent Justice Secretary because of her "loyalty to the President."
With such a background, I doubt she's going to be an independent Ombudsman/woman/person (or whatever politically correct term we're supposed to use).