December 16, 2005


In the past weeks, there is so much to be grateful for, despite the hectic schedule.

I’m starting to really get into the groove of things at OLA, depending on how you view it—that may be good news or bad news.  I see so many things I want to change;  I also see many things that need to be changed.  At the same time, I want to be realistic and not get frustrated.  I’ve set a 365-day vision (that’s how long my term is—365 days);  hope half of what I’ve targeted gets done.

I’m also really getting into the groove of writing this book on criminal law (it’s a four-volume work on various heinous crimes;  I got the short stick and was assigned the volume on rape—very depressing).  I’m very fortunate to have a research assistant who is extremely diligent, very committed, very organized and very intelligent—I don’t have major problems with the research and even the outline has been enhanced by her input.  It makes writing the book a lot easier.

I just ended the 14th week of the Retreat in Daily Life (RDL) as well this week.  And it has been a tremendous experience!!!  I went into it with the expectation simply to sharpen discernment and discover new ways of praying but ended up with a ton of insights as well as a renewed and fresh relationship with the Lord;  the very personal encounters that repetition, contemplation, fantasy, colloquy allow you makes the various readings and contemplation points very fresh and very pointed.  My last set of readings allowed me to focus on His Kingship, the coming of His Kingdom (perfect for advent), Jesus’s Incarnation and His Birth (perfect for Christmas)—and it has allowed me to see Christmas through new eyes.  The RDL has not only made my blessing cup, but also my prayer journal, run over.

I’m excited to see our new office.  Hopefully, by early next year, we will be able to move in.  My partners, Alex and Arno, have really done a great job of looking after the day-to-day needs of the carpenters.

Throughout it all, God’s provision has been manifest and constant.  Many unexpected blessings have poured in.

Lord, I thank You for the way You continue to outpour Your great love in the many different ways You have chosen.  I pray for the grace to be able to recognize Your many channels of love for me and for the added grace to be able to respond in kind for those whom You ask me to love as well.

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Ms. Tayag said...

Sir, I just want to say thanks for the fast action of UP OLA on the case I referred.

Pls. convey my gratitude too to your law interns Concep and Toif and Supervising lawyer Atty. Arevalo.