December 02, 2005

A great decade. . . of cheese

On the other hand, the 80s were also known for some of the cheesiest and tackiest things ever dreamt up:

  1. That’s Entertainment -  all editions.  (No other comment required.)

  2. That’s Entertainment -  all members (This is one black spot that Lea Salonga would probably want to expunge from her resume.).

  3. German Moreno’s lunchtime extravaganzas -  “Germspesyal” (read:  “Germs-spayshal”, if by German Moreno but “Germs-spayshul” if by Ruffa—who even then was already sounding like a trying hard valley girl) later to morph into “GMA Supershow”.  (Again, no other comment required.)

  4. Hair spray and industrial grade cement-like hair gel. (Not only did this result in some of the cheesiest do’s around but it probably accounted for that great big hole in the skies and for the climate change problems we’ve been having.)

  5. Menudo (with a really young Ricky Martin and those falsettos going, “gotta catch a plane at 730” which caused no end of sonic distress to dogs everywhere.)

  6. Netting substituting as clothes (look up Duran Duran’s old videos and you’ll know what I mean.) and while we’re on the topic . . .

  7. Duran Duran (Their songs are catchy but what do they mean?  I think the break-up did them a lot of good.)

  8. Shoulder pads (esp on Gary V.;  hey, I’m a great fan of Gary V but he had shoulder pads on his clothes for the longest time—and that’s reaching to the 90’s.)

  9. Martin and Pops singing duets plus one (because one of them couldn’t really sing, guess which among them?  That was really tacky, one holding a dead mic with the other singing above pre-taped audio.)

  10. Knots Landing, Falcon Crest and an aging Dallas (the precursors of all the telenovelas now.)

  11. The A-Team;

  12. That awful song written by Tito Sotto and sung by Virna Lisi (yes, that’s her name) after EDSA 1, Magkaiiiiisaaaaa!

  13. That awful anthem by Jim Paredes set as music video in a really bad but obvious rip-off of USA for Africa’s We are the world Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo -  also during the days after EDSA 1;  (postcript to both songs:  if Ninoy Aquino had known that his death would spark such awful music, he might have decided against coming back.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ted!

Saw your blog thru ella's.

Magkaisa singer is actually Virna LISA. Virna Lisi is an Italian actress whose real name is Virna Lisa PieraLISI thus Virna Lisi. She was one of those Sophia Loren wannabees in the 60s that tried (and failed) in Hollywood but is now a successful character actress back in Italy. See the Oscar nominated (I think it won for costume or art direction or something) Queen Margot (94) and How to Murder Your Wife (65?).

And yes, consistent with Lingkod teaching, those willing to correct or criticize should be willing to identify themselves.

God Bless.

Jun V.

Ted said...

Hi Jun,

Thanks for the correction. He he. Yes, it should be Virna Lisa (where is she now? talk about one-hit wonders!).

rich said...

the horror of "handog ng pilipino sa mundo" lives on. it's sung every linggo ng wika by at least one section sings it for inter class chorale contests, complete with choreography. well that was the trend at my grade/high school anyway.

People Powered™ said...

McGyver...that's what the 80's was about. Nuff said :)

Ted said...

McGyver! Right! How could I forget this guy--with a practical answer to almost everything.

Anonymous said...

Haha, McGyver. My friend's lola had one thing to say about Mcgyver: "Bakit ba itong si Macgayber, lagi nalang nasa bingit ng kamatayan..." :D