February 26, 2006

Saying No!

Nothing on the news today;  and I mean, nothing.

That is Gloria Arroyo’s Philippines;  that is the Philippines of Lomibao, of Senga, of Mike Arroyo, of her lawyers—many of whom I count as friends (if you read this blog, you know who you are), of those who sit quietly waiting on the fence.

But because of Gloria Arroyo’s censorship of media, only “praise releases” are out on tv and radio.  I never thought I would miss being called by radio commentators to comment on anything under the sun but now I do because all that AM radio runs now (sadly, even DZBB and Channel 7, which I thought had enough courage to stand up to dictatorship;  et tu, Mike Enriquez?  Et tu, Jessica Soho?) is commentary by Miriam Santiago and Romulo Macalintal (the first is a political butterfly of the highest order and the second is a paid legal mercenary;  on the other hand, there is not much difference between the two) and all they do is clog up the free airwaves with pro-Gloria propaganda.  For those old enough to remember Martial Law, its exactly like those days (remember Rita Gaddi, remember Ronnie Nathanielsz;  except its now Cerge Remonde—someone tell him to get rid of that turtleneck sweater, quick, Jarius Bondoc and their ilk).

This is NOT MY Philippines.  This is not the country I love.  This is not the country that God has promised His people.

Not many of us may have noticed that in Proclamation 1017, Gloria Arroyo clearly stated why this “national emergency” has been declared:  to save her.  In the second preambular paragraph, it is clearly stated that “these conspirators have repeatedly tried to bring down the President.”  At least Marcos had the decency to lie about saving the country and all;  Gloria just says it out—this “national emergency” is nothing but a grand scheme to make sure she remains seated on her throne.  

So what is this all about?  One person.  In my mind, a chant from the 80s comes unbidden but not entirely unwelcome: Marcos, Hitler, Diktador, Tuta!  You fill in the blanks.

“Turn the other cheek” is not the appropriate response to tyranny.  “Why have you made my Father’s House a den of thieves?” might be a more appropriate response.

I love this country;  despite my foreign-sounding last name, it is the only country I know, it is the only culture I know, it is the only nationality I will ever claim.   If there is one legacy my parents have given me, it is to be able to think and think well, to love and to love passionately, to feel and to feel compassionately, to serve and to serve with everything I have.  

So forgive me if my words sound harsh and  I sound unloving, but, given these times, I will love in the only way I know how—with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, with all my strength.  And if that means, telling a dictator like Gloria Arroyo and her cronies—NO!—then that is how I shall love.  


GMAhiyaka said...

Your conviction and opinions are inspiring. thank you for maintaining ur blog despite all that's happening.

Jed M. Eva III said...

I'm glad there are those willing to speak up in light of what's been happening the last few days. I wish there were more like you-- people who have not only intelligent opinions, but the conviction to express these.

maan DP said...

It is reassuring to know that there are still students who ask what they can do. I, on the other hand, have only been receiving messages from my batchmates that either state their support for the current administration or allegiance to "Constitutional means"... that are coupled with disdain over those who "try to use" people power to "discredit our country".

According to them, having too many EDSAs has made us laughingstocks of the world.

That hurt.

I reminded them that they were once a part of EDSA. And that the whole world can laugh at us, cry with us, hail praises about us, throw stones at us... and yet we will always be the ones who will reap what we sow while they will always be watching from a safe, comfortable distance.

ria said...



soulsong said...

Peace, brother. As some of my other Christian friends have said, sometimes, tough love is needed, and that includes saying "no." However, what we can do is to pray and remember that God is the Great Healer, and no matter what happens, nothing is impossible for Him. Jesus' blood will never fail us.

Continue fighting for the Lord and for this country. God bless you.