February 24, 2006

You can't do that

Gloria Arroyo effectively declared martial law without calling it such under Proclamation No. 1017 today.

She just declared a “state of  emergency” (see Constitution, art. XII, sec. 17 which deals with national emergency that confers extraordinary economic powers on the Chief Executive), which does not entitle her to call out the armed forces (art. VII, sec. 18).  

Yet, I just heard her do exactly that—by leaving it to the military and police to take care of things.

As they say on Nickleodeon, “you can’t do that.”


Connie said...

Teddy, hi! I didn't know you blog. My brother should too. LOL

Linking you... :)

People Powered™ said...

Well, apparently she CAN. GMA's been doing a lot of things that she shouldn't be able to do :(

People Powered™ said...

Sir...what can students do??? Tried attending a rally, pero nakita ko lang na napalo yung kasama namin.

Ted said...

@people powered. A LOT!!! Go join another rally, even if you get hit,
truncheoned, water cannoned. Read, research, analyze,
form an opinion, stand up for what is RIGHT and not
just what is POPULAR or SAFE.

In view of today's sad news about the death of freedom
of the press with the closure of The Tribune, the
words of Ditto Sarmiento, the late former Editor of
the Collegian, translating and paraphrasing a jewish
saying ring true: "kung hindi ikaw, sino? kung hindi
ngayon, kailan pa?" If not you, who else? If not
now, when else?

i don't read the Tribune--its a pro-Erap rag--but that
is no longer the issue anymore. Other news
organizations that I read will be next. And if they
follow, without me raising my voice, then I will be as
guilty as Gloria of killing freedom of the press.

As students, there is a lot you can do. You have the
distinct advantage of having access to the very
instrument that a dictator like Gloria Arroyo
craves--knowledge of the law's legitimizing effect.
Understanding the law and how it legitimizes
dictatorships like Gloria's is the most potent
instrument a law student has because it will help
others understand just how powerful they are; instead
of a resigned shrug of the shoulder and a hopeless
sigh, use your privileged position as law student to
help people oppressed by Gloria's emergency rule find
their voices and find hope.

Sic Gloria transit mundi. Gloria too will pass. But
not without a fight and not without the help of
everyone who has a conscience and a backbone and is
willing to take a stand.

"Do not go quietly into the night, rage, rage against the dying of the light." -Dylan Thomas.