February 09, 2006

Songs in the Key of the Spirit

Sometimes, the Spirit just moves you. . .

A week ago, during the regular music ministry Thursday practice, someone mentioned that we should sing at church.  One thing led to another and then I asked the brothers and sisters there—“you want to sing for Fr. Jboy’s Wednesday masses at U.P.?”  A chorus of “yes” and “why nots” followed.  

Before any concrete plans could be made, I had texted Fr. Jboy and informed him that”kami’y mangahas na kakanta sa misa nyo sa darating na miyerkoles, nawa’y huwag kaming ipagtabuyan.”  To which he replied, “syempre hindi, dahil wala talagang choir nun.”  And before anyone could say, “we’re a church choir”, we were one.

Fast forward to yesterday. .  .

I had circulated a text forward to musicmin to meet at 5 pm for practice before the mass; typically, no one texted back to confirm.  So, I must admit to feeling some anxiety because we hadn’t practiced, no one had confirmed—everything was so. . . Spirit-led and Spirit-moved.  So, before 6 pm yesterday, just after I finished class, I was texting Ella about it and even told her if no one comes, I might just tell Fr. Jboy next week na lang.

A mustard seed would be spacious enough to fit my faith. . .  when I got to the U.P. Chapel, I saw Alan on the  floor playing his guitar, Nick, Darleth, Gem, and was told that Ria and Jas were also around; a few minutes after, Len arrived.  Then, it struck me. . . this was it, we were really doing this!  

Talk about being led by the Spirit.  

These were not sisters and brothers who worked or lived nearby.  Len worked in Mandaluyong and for a company that was notorious for keeping its employees beyond office hours—yet she was there!  Gem was so new to Lingkod but she was there as well.  God is good because He enables those He calls.

Ella and Grace would later complete the cast which took to the risers.  Despite lack of practice, it was spirited singing and Spirit-led singing.  It brought me back to high school and it was a good—no, great---feeling.  

Fr. Jboy would meet us after the mass to thank us; but I thanked him for allowing us yet another venue—the most logical venue for most of us, actually—to serve Him and to bring Him glory.  

See you next Wednesday, brothers and sisters.

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