June 29, 2006


The College of Cardinals is not determined by proportional representation.  So the number of Catholics there are do not determine the number of Cardinals a country gets in the College  of Cardinals.

Saints do not become so by application or, worse, by patronage—at least not in this day and age.  There must be proof that miracles have been attributed to them by people who have asked for their intercession (wait;  if this is the criteria, what does that make of Garci who pulled off a miracle in 2004?).

Where do Gloria’s people get these ideas?  


Anonymous said...

if st anthony is the patron saint of lost things, then san garcillano could be venerated as patron saint of lost ballots.

-kagayanong daku

Anonymous said...

sir, anong comment niyo sa mga gulo at rumbles ng mga taga UP Law? Puro law student daw yung involved, dalawang statement na nilabas ng LSG pero mukhang di pa titigil yung mga loko.