June 06, 2006


I’m addicted; to Sudoku, that is.

It’s a numbers puzzle and the object of the game is to fill in the grids provided so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 through 9.

I first saw it on a Newsbreak issue and wondered what it was; I went online and managed to get it downloaded into my PDA.

Now, I’m hooked. Try it, you’ll see why.


Ella said...

My sis in law is addicted too, and my Mom is curious and wants to try it herself. I haven't given in...

Daisy said...

Hi Ted,

Was addicted to Sudoku last year-- when I visited a friend in Sydney. The daily newpaper there have a daily puzzle and one Sunday broadsheet gave out a free 100 puzzle booklet.