June 22, 2006

Wearing the colors

The few games of the NBA Finals that I had gotten to watch—I was amazed at one thing (and this I noticed in the Miami games):  when Miami played, it was to a backdrop of white shirts (white being Miami’s home game colors).  Everyone was in white!  Now, that’s intimidating to an opponent who goes into the arena looking for some measure of comfort or appreciation.  And, that’s comforting to a home team that goes into the campaign looking for support.

It’s a good analogy for Christian commitment.  

Are we ready to wear our colors proudly?  Are we ready to be one with other Christians in being identified as a Christian?  Its similar to wearing  white in the Miami Heat basketball arena—you identify yourself with the home team to the extent that you would proudly display your colors.

God doesn’t ask much from us—just that we make a choice, we stand by it and we be proud of it.

For all those who have made that choice, let us stand by it and be proud of it.  Wear your colors proudly, God’s child!


richelle said...

netherlands' fans are pretty amazing especially during world cup games. the camera can't pan anywhere without catching orange, arial shots of the stadium show that 3/4 of the stadium is bright orange [their national color].

it is easier to proudly wear your colors when with people in the same boat. it's tougher to do it when alone.

Ted said...

Oh definitely! I love football; my beef with the world cup now is that they show the games at such bad hours and I have no luxury of watching them as I have to work the next day. Its too bad that football underwhelms most (majority actually) filipinos who prefer to see an overrated Manny Pacquiao beat the crap out of another person or watch fil-ams and fil-shams parading their "talents" in the basketball court. Its really a strange quirk of the filipino psyche that they find a game that ends at 0-0 boring ignoring that both teams gave everything so that the game ends at 0-0.

riche||e said...

i find the filipino's love for basketball a mite illogical.

my brother and i grew up in "football" countries and went to schools that required it in their phys ed programs, we played it all throughout grade school and high school. world cup season is 100x more exciting than the nba finals, for us.

since the viewing hours arent very convenient we pick the games we're staying up for and content ourselves with watching the google or yahoo ticker for the others.