June 29, 2006

There is no other

Jessica Z said it before in her blog and I’ve been noticing it also in my own blog. The Comments section really starts to take a life of its own.  I’m starting to recognize some of the “anonymous” bloggers as well as those who have been signing their names.  I do appreciate the comments;  what I do not appreciate are personal attacks that do nothing to contribute to any debate or thought formation but debase the writer, i.e., me.

My last post on Gloria Arroyo drew a comment from someone I “met” in email—Auntie Beth;  I do appreciate her comments and I understand what she’s saying and where she’s coming from.  Auntie Beth’s comment also drew an “anonymous” post from someone I presume is (was) my student “defending” my statements on Gloria Arroyo.  I won’t pit the two against each other as that really isn’t something I would want to do.  

I do, however,  want to comment on Auntie Beth’s statement that she misses the “other Ted”, presumably referring to the posts that speak of God and my relationship with Him and my postings on my faith.

I realize that it can be disconcerting to read my blogs that speak lovingly of God and His people and harshly of Gloria Arroyo.  I, however, find no contradiction.  Those who have met me and know me well will not find it strange that I can speak lovingly of God and so harshly of Gloria.

Its easy to speak in loving terms of God and His people simply because I owe everything to God.  It is not as easy to speak in loving terms of Gloria who has done nothing but cause hardship to Filipinos in the name of staying in power at all costs.

Is it un-Christian to speak harshly of Gloria?  I do not think so.  Even Christ had harsh words for the Pharisees;  and believe me, Gloria is light years beyond the Pharisees.

Is it un-loving to call Gloria a dictator?  I do not think so.  Especially when she cheated in the last elections and enjoys no mandate whatsoever;  especially when she, only a few months ago, arrogated unto herself powers the Constitution does not give her;  especially when the Supreme Court has categorically told her that she can’t do what she did when she proclaimed CPR, Proclamation 1017 and EO 464.

Is it wrong to speak out in the face of a clearly manipulative attempt to curry favor by using every thing or person available?  I think not.  Especially when  the subject of her manipulation is no less than the Holy Father himself.  We must not forget that it is this very same Gloria Arroyo who, when she was still Vice President, declared that John Paul II had confirmed that it was perfectly alright to go ahead with her destabilization attempts against Erap;  we must not forget that it is this very same Gloria Arroyo who, upon visiting Benedict XVI, now intones through her mouthpiece Mr. Bunyi that the Pope has also given his go-signal for her government to continue doing what it is doing.

Is it wrong to speak out in the face of such utter silliness as Mike Arroyo’s statement that Gloria will “lobby” the Holy Father for more Cardinals and for the application of two more Filipino saints?  I do not think so.  

Auntie Beth, I apologize if my harsh words against the dictator turn you off but I am the same person—not two persons—who is a Christian, a human rights advocate,  a lawyer, a law professor, a Filipino.  I cannot speak lovingly of my God and lovingly of a dictator;  I believe absolutely and, wholeheartedly, in telling the truth and the truth is “Gloria must go.”  There is no “other Ted”,  what you read is what you get.

C.S. Lewis, paraphrased many times by the late Cardinal Sin, once said, “hate the sin, love the sinner.”  I believe that, with all my heart.   That is why I speak out against Gloria Arroyo, who is, like me, a sinner.  If I keep my peace in the face of all the corruption, all the killings, all the anomalies, all the irregularities, then I would not only be loving the sinner but also loving the sin.  Believe me, I do pray for Gloria Arroyo but not that she stays on because, believe me, I also pray for my country, which  I love more than Gloria, sinner and daughter of God that she is.  

And the most loving thing I can do for my country right now is to pray that Gloria goes--soon.


Auntie Beth said...

Dear Ted,

I agree with you in all issues, Ted; however, we must be very careful that our righteous anger does not turn into hatred, which happens when we wallow in it. While the former can be virtuous, the latter is undoubtedly sinful.

I also agree that you must vent - after all this is your blogspot, and I would vent too if I were in your shoes, but in the end it's better for our blood pressure to calm down a bit.

"Be still and know that I am God." Ps 46:10


Ted said...

Auntie Beth,

Amen. Thank you for the reminder.

Peace and God bless.