December 13, 2006

Cha Cha Pop Quiz #1

Answering myself (see below), Gloria and JDV don’t get it because:

[a]  They refuse to;
[b]  They cannot afford to;
[c]  They are conditioned to not get it;
[d]  They cannot hear the voice of the people;
[e]  They refuse to hear the voice of the people;
[f]  Personal interests are more deafening than the voice of the people;
[g]  It is the last chance for both to remain relevant and in power;
[h]  They will be sued once they step down from power’
[i] All of the above;
[j]  Some of the above, depending on the consideration;
[k]  Others: (feel free to post comments)


kapalmuks said...

GMA and JdV both get it pero sobrang kapalmuks talaga ang 2 ito.

Jo said...

Gloria and JdV both get it.

Sobra lang talaga KAPALMUKS ang 2 ito.