December 08, 2006

The Chief, Finally

They got it right, this time.

Reynato Puno Jr. became the 22d Chief Justice of the Philippines a few hours before his predecessor, Artemio Panganiban, ended his birthday.

It is one year late for the most Senior Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, after having been bypassed for what many considered, at that time, to be a political appointment in Panganiban (who, to the surprise of many, including Gloria Arroyo, turned out to be not as malleable as Gloria’s courtiers may have marketed him to be).   Even now, he is already being painted as Gloria’s new puppet.

Chief Justice Puno must show, with his very first act, that he is no one’s puppet and that, as he promised, he is beholden only to a “constituency of one”, Lady Justice.;  Perhaps, he may do that by simply stopping De Venecia and his kennel dead in their tracks by issuing a restraining order;  better yet, perhaps he might put De Venecia and his kennel where they rightly belong—outside the house where all the poop lie.

No other act will suffice, Mr. Chief Justice.  Otherwise, people will truly start to believe that the blindfolded lady does peek—once in awhile.

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