December 15, 2006

Cha Cha Pop Quiz #3

JDV says con ass is dead;  Gloria says cha cha is too.  How come people are still planning  to conduct and join massive prayer rallies?

[a]  Because they can;
[b]  Because they don’t believe Gloria and JDV;
[c]  Because Gloria said “I am sorry” but really wasn’t;
[d]  Because they love El Shaddai;
[e]  Because they were told to join;
[f]  Because of the artistas;
[g]  [a], [b], [c] and [f];
[h]  [a], [b], [c] only but not [f];
[i]   None of the above;
[j]  All of the above;
[k]  Others:  (feel free to post comments).


Joni said...

People are still planning to join massive prayer rallies because they want to voice their sentiments.

Anonymous said...

professor, any comment on the malcolm hall siege / lantern parade cancellation last friday?

here is a link to a trail of posts in, which i emailed to my egroups and provoked very violent reactions:

just a thought: the suspension of the collegian's publication seems to have deprived students of a legitimate avenue for discussion and source of information, and even students who are not exactly leaning towards the left end of the ideological spectrum feel that it's all part of the TFI plan.

johanna j.

Anonymous said...

To have a sense of empowerment?