December 28, 2006

Strategic Shopping

More than ever, this year’s Christmas season really affirmed the need for strategic shopping.  I’ve always been a strategic shopper:  plan what to get for whom and where to get it and then plan  on when to get it;  all preferably within a non-extendible window of two hours (to include looking for parking and paying at the counter plus gift-wrapping).

Because I had virtually no free weekends left for December, had to do extreme strategic shopping for family members, friends and assorted inaanak.   I’m thankful for places like Fully Booked and Powerbooks (nerd ba?  I do my Christmas shopping at bookstores) where you can actually get a lot of stuff with half the hassle of going to the regular stores at the mall.  Managed to get half of my Christmas shopping done at these two places (one hour at Fully Booked Greenhills;  one hour at Powerbooks Mega) on December 24.  

Now, for the more difficult part:  the kids.  Of course, that has to be Toy Kingdom.

After a relatively painless  hour and a half of filling up a Christmas list of Power Rangers, Lisa Frank and other assorted whatnots, managed to get it done after my one hour at Powerbooks.  Had enough time to drop off some of the stuff with the intended recipients within the day.

And all had a great time with their gifts (or so I’d like to think, he he he).

Merry Christmas everyone!

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